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Best Quality Milk Cooling Tanks.

2B1 class fast cooling milk tanks. Low energy fast cooling. All dairy farmers need this products.

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Milk Cooling Tanks is Our Profession

Menhole Cover

Our milk cooling tanks Ø 400-500 menhole cover stainless steel and Ø100 mm product inlet.

Vertical Milk Cooling Tanks

Our vertical milk cooling tanks cooling compressor are accuplated on chassis.Min.gas charge ability.A404 gas cooling.Cooling possibility in min.milk quantities.

Horizontal Milk Cooling Tanks

Designed according to 0 liquid discharging system, Washing ability between 3 and 5 times, Water consumption saving, PLC System and Scaled....

Dairy Milking Systems

Best quality dairy milk systems...

Milk Cooling Tank

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Bursa Agriculture
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Milk Cooling Tank

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