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Heat Strees On Cows


As climate change becomes an omnipresent issue in global agriculture, heat stress in Europe will become an increasing issue in, not only the usual areas, such as the Mediterranean and Central Europe but also in more temperate countries like UK, Germany and France. It is accepted that heat stress results from a combination of temperature […]

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Bursa Agriculture Fair 2015

Bursa Agriculture 13 – 17 October 2015 | Bursa, Turkey Bursa Agriculture is one of the largest agricultural fairs in the Middle East and covers the full range of the agricultural sector. It is a great way to get an overview of the latest innovations and trends provided for the sector and to exchange views […]

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Milk Collection Points


  Milk quality (low TPC) is a key component for milk processors to be able to produce a food safe and a high added value consumer product. Emerging dairy countries are in the process of stimulating local raw milk production activities. In order to secure the raw milk supplied for the food processing industry, this […]

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Milk Cooling


Rapid and efficient milk cooling is essential for preserving milk quality. Milk leaves the udder at approximately 35°C and the heat in fresh milk must be quickly removed. Milk retains a natural resistance to bacteria immediately after extraction, but only rapid cooling to a storage temperature of around 4°C to 6°C, prevents or minimizes further […]

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Milk Cooling Tanks 2B1 Type

Best Quality Milk Cooling Tanks
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Milk Cooling Tank

Our company is manufacturing Milk Cooling Tanks. You know milk cooling is very important for dairy farmers. Our Milk cooling tanks are best quality tanks. All tanks includes R404 gas and also Copeland motor groups. Milking refrigating time from 35°C to 4°C under 3 hours. Cooling performance Class 2/A/II Special calibrated manuel scale with %003-4 […]

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