Data Media SCALE ( Barcoded Milk Measurement System )

Data Media Scale is a Milk Measurement software. Our software developers developing this softwares since 1999.
Data Media Scale is a Barcoded Milk Measurement sytem over Scales (Indicators)



Our First Screen weight measurement form.DATAMEDIA-SCALE Right side editbox is “Member / Customer Number” area. You can input with barcode scanner, keyboard, proximity card or finger print reader.
Example: If your Member Id is 100 you can input with keyboard and then press ENTER key. When the Indicator (Weight Scale) is no motion your KG and LT shows on screen and record. If you set the morning and evening receipt check box your printer will gives you a receipt about your weights and montly total.
2- New Member or Customer;
When the click Member / Customer Card you can see our Member Form.
F2 is our New Record Key. If you want to record a new record you have to press F2 key or click the “F2-New” button. And then you can fill the edit boxes (Blue labels are forced areas) When you finished the input the data press F3 to save to database.
Note: Please don’t delete records. If you dont want to see some members you can choose passive modes on form. When you choose passive you cant see on reports or other form sides.
F6 – Delete is our delete buttons.When you press the delete buttons our programs will asks you “Are you shure?” If you say “Yes” your record will deletes.
F9 – Print Barcode : You can print your all member barcode id cards on this button. When you press F9, print preview screen appears. You can click left side printer button for printer screen. And than you can print over all system printers.
Our programsa re using all kind of Windows printers such as thermal, laser, dot matrix, inkjet and etc.
3-Menu :
In our Menu you can report your milk measurements and dispatch, Data transfer, Detailed Report, General Report, Remote Help…
4-Settings :….

Please email us about software. we can help you very easily and show our demos. Most of cooperatives using our program since 1999