Vertical Type Milk Cooling Tanks


Our Milk  Cooling Tanks are milking refrigating time from 35°C to 4°C under 3 hours and  cooling performance Class2/A/II


Our Milk Cooling Tanks Special calibrated manuel scale with 3-4 % sensitive rate1.walled 2mm and 1 mm walled accuplated Ep type heat transfer plate. Isolated walled from AISI 304 Stainless Steell

  • Milk Cooling Tank body accuplated on whole chassis
  • Product Outlet DN 50 Butterfly valve
  • Designed according to 0 liquid discharging system
  • Insulation material; high density polyurethane foam without CFC and isolation thickness 60 mm
  • Spring cover system and Ø 250mm product inlet.
  • 1 pce 0,24 Hp 30 rpm gearbox and stainless steel agitator.
  • Agitator has designed according to milk structure protection.
  • Capacities;300lt ,500lt,1000lt,1500lt,1850lt,and 2000lt.
  • Welding; Argon Tig welding system applied
  • Cooling evaparator (rolbont) has tested against 40 bar test pressure.


Cooling Group

Our Cooling compressor are accuplated on chassis Min.gas charge ability A 404 gas cooling. Cooling possibility in min.milk quantities.

  • Milking refrigating time from 35°C to 4°C under 2,5 hours.
  • Cooling Performance Class 2-A-II
  • Drier, sight glass, expantion valve, selenoid valve,liquid protector and valves etc.
  • which belongs to the compressor ere existed.

Electronic Control Pannel

  • Working principle of tank, Milk Temperature are controlled by control panel.
  • Phase protection regulator in order to prevent of voltage increasing and decreasing, mixing of phase
  • When open the cover automatically gearbox system take off.
  • Electrical system, Protection Grade IP 65 conforming to the European standards.


  • Digital Level Indicator %3-4 failure rate sensitivity.
  • Possibilty of control milk quantity on the panel.
  • Possibilty of check from mm or it’s parameteres.
  • Barcoded Milk Measurement Computer System  . See the link

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